A programme by Performing Arts Fund NL to promote Dutch music, theatre and dance abroad.
27 Oct. → 29 Oct. '17LantarenVenster

Visitors programme Festival Jazz International Rotterdam

According to many music lovers, Festival Jazz International Rotterdam is the place to discover new sounds, to meet each other and to enjoy the best music. Small-scale in scheme, on the skin of the musicians, and with sublime international programming and the hottest bands of the moment. In collaboration with Dutch Performing Arts, the festival organises a professionals' programme for international professionals.
This fall, Festival Jazz International Rotterdam represents a significant number of bands and musicians from Scandinavia. This years' focus on the the Nordic refers to the influence which Scandinavian music has on the international jazz scene and the collaborations that result from it, also with Dutch musicians. The festival presents many special examples during 27 - 29 October.

The visitors programme of Dutch Performing Arts and Jazz International Rotterdam is part of going Dutch, a programme executed by Jazz Promotion Network to support Dutch jazz musicians abroad.

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