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07 Oct. → 09 Oct. '16Amsterdam, The Netherlands

October Meeting 2016

October Meeting is an exciting three-day get-together of some of the leading young improvising musicians from the Netherlands and surrounding countries.
The event is organised by Dutch Performing Arts and Bimhuis, and will take place in the Amsterdam Bimhuis from 7-9 October.

Bimhuis and Dutch Performing Arts work closely together on an international professionals' programme to introduce Dutch musicians to international musicians, presenters and journalists. There is a special focus on presenters from the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland (UK/ROI). Members of the Jazz Promotion Network will attend October Meeting and other jazz events in the Netherlands in light of a future project to increase the performances and visibility of Dutch jazz in the UK/ROI.

Around twenty-five musicians will dream up and develop an exciting series of original pieces. Some rehearsed in advance, others produced on the spot, with line ups ranging from large ensembles to duos or trios. Gaps will be left until the very last moment to accommodate last minute ideas inspired by the spur and joy of the moment.

Bimhuis has a tradition of providing a platform for adventurous musical projects and its October Meeting serves as an engaging showcase for the lively international jazz and impro scene in the Netherlands. Following from the nature of the project, the actual programmes will be only partially fixed in advance and mostly take shape during the project itself.

Among musicians already confirmed are
Kaja Draksler
Alexander Hawkins
Onno Govaert
Jasper Stadhouders
Christian Lillinger
Joachim Badenhorst
Reinier Baas
Ziv Taubenfeld
Petter Eldh
Ada Rave
Joris Roelofs
Gerri Jäger
Morris Kliphuis
Harald Austbo
Oscar jan Hoogland
John Dikeman
Susana Santos Silva
Raphael Vanoli
Mette Rasmussen
Yedo Gibson
Olie Brice