A programme by Performing Arts Fund NL to promote Dutch music, theatre and dance abroad.
26 Oct. → 28 Oct. '18Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Festival Jazz International Rotterdam: Visitors' programme and UK & Ireland Sessions

According to many music lovers, Festival Jazz International Rotterdam is the place to discover new sounds, to meet fellow music lovers and professionals and to enjoy the best music. Small-scale in scheme, up close and personal with the musicians, and with sublime international programming and the hottest bands of the moment. In collaboration with Dutch Performing Arts, the festival organises a professionals' programme for international professionals and sessions for Dutch professionals about the UK and Irish jazz scenes.
Festival Jazz International Rotterdam is an intimate three-day jazz festival in Rotterdam, the Netherlands from 26-28 October. The festival presents contemporary jazz and improvisational music from the Netherlands and abroad. Festival Jazz International Rotterdam has a strong focus on young talent and new projects and curate several (inter)national collaborations.

The international professionals' programme introduces music professionals to the sound of an array of Dutch jazz musicians and offers ample opportunity for networking and sightseeing.

UK & Ireland Sessions
Festival Jazz International Rotterdam 2018 together with Jazz Promotion Network and Dutch Performing Arts present the UK & Ireland Sessions on 28 October 2018.

Jazz Promotion Network (JPN) is offering information and advisory sessions about the UK and Irish scenes, particularly for Dutch agents, managers, promoters and musicians. The sessions on this day are a part of the Going Dutch programme, a long-term partnership between JPN and Dutch Performing Arts which introduces the Dutch scene to promoters in the United Kingdom the Republic of Ireland and supports Dutch musicians to perform in JPN nations as well as to form collaborations with their artists.

The UK & Ireland Sessions programme will provide insights into the situation for jazz in the United Kingdom and Ireland from different points of view – from the perspective of promoters, musicians and publicists – and the programme will give opportunities for people from the Netherlands scene to pose questions and discuss issues with all of JPN’s speakers.

Speakers at the UK & Ireland Sessions are: Kim Macari (Jazz From Scotland, JPN, The Vortex), Steve Mead (Manchester Jazz Festival, Jazz North, JPN), Rob Adams (journalist, PR specialist), Ben Cottrell (musician, Beats and Pieces), Nod Knowles (JPN) and Susanne Moed (Dutch Performing Arts).

If you have any further questions, please contact the programme coordinator Raluca Baicu via raluca.baicu@hotmail.com.

When: Sunday 28 October
Time: 09:30-15:00
Where: Hotel Room Mate – Meeting Room Borneo
Address: Wilhelminakade 52, 3072 AR Rotterdam

Programme of the day:

09:30–10:00: participants walk in/desk registration

10:00–12:00: UK & Ireland Info Sessions - parts 1,2 and 3:
Overview of the UK and Irish scene - Steve Mead
Festivals & grass roots promoters – realities of booking - Kim Macari
Opportunities and getting gigs from the musicians’ perspective - Ben Cottrell

12:00–13:00: lunch break*
*lunch options are available at your own expense in the same building where the sessions will take place - Foodhallen Rotterdam

13:00–15:00: UK & Ireland Info Sessions - parts 3,4 and 5:
PR & Marketing for jazz in the UK and Ireland – Rob Adams
Dutch funding & the Going Dutch project – Susanne Moed and Nod Knowles
Interventions from attenders and all speakers in Q&A and discussion

About Going Dutch
The professionals' programme and the UK Sessions of Dutch Performing Arts and Jazz International Rotterdam are part of Going Dutch, a programme executed by Jazz Promotion Network to support Dutch jazz musicians abroad. For more information about Going Dutch, visit the JPN website.

More information
Check out the full programme of Festival Jazz International Rotterdam on the festival's website.
UK & Ireland Sessions | Photo: Nigel Slee
UK & Ireland Sessions | Photo: Nigel Slee
Delegates who joined the international visitors' programme | Photo: Nigel Slee