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  • 23 Sep. → 09 Jun. '19Novara, Italy


    Sanne Huijbregts. Photo: Felipe Pipi
    In collaboration with Dutch Performing Arts, jazz festival NovaraJazz presents a Dutch focus programme in June 2019.
    NovaraJazz is the main musical festival of the Italian city Novara, presenting a rich series of artistic residencies, workshops, exhibitions, literary and musical events. For the festival's 16th edition, Dutch Performing Arts supports a Dutch focus programme with three jazz musicians from the Netherlands.

    Dutch performances
    The Dutch focus programme presents the following performances:

    2 June 2019
    Sanne Huijbregts

    8 June 2019
    Ben van Gelder

    8 June 2019
    Reiner Baas & Ben van Gelder

    The exact times and locations of the performances are to be announced.

    About NovaraJazz
    NovaraJazz organises innovative events to create a dialogue between different expressive styles, specifically for music (jazz and electronic) and visual arts (photography and video). Their aim is to promote the creation of new creative ensembles through artistic residencies, spreading jazz culture in the Novara area.

    Having presented over 20 concerts with Dutch bands over the past years, NovaraJazz gained a reputation of having a strong focus on the Dutch music scene.

    More information
    For more information and the full festival programme, visit the NovaraJazz website.
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