A programme by Performing Arts Fund NL to promote Dutch music, theatre and dance abroad.

What does Dutch Performing Arts do?

Dutch Performing Arts is a programme run by the Performing Arts Fund NL with the goal of increasing the visibility of the Dutch performing arts on the international stage. Dutch Performing Arts organises showcases and visitors’ programmes for relevant international guests, and it develops focus programmes together with international venues and festivals. Further, representatives of Dutch Performing Arts frequently travel abroad to represent the Netherlands, to establish contacts and/or to perform research. Dutch Performing Arts can contribute to promotional activities but it does not offer grants.

Which groups/artists do you promote?

The programme promotes theatre and dance companies, musical ensembles and musicians (except pop musicians), choreographers, performers and composers in the performing arts. The programme is also open to companies and individuals who do not receive grants from the Performing Arts Fund NL

How does Dutch Performing Arts work?

In the Netherlands we work with festivals and network organisations which we commission to (help) develop a showcase or visitors’ programme. With the assistance of external advisers, professional Dutch groups and artists who show international potential are identified and invited to participate in for example a showcase or a visitors’ programme. Dutch Performing Arts does not accept applications and does not offer grants.

Can I apply for a grant from you?

No. Grant applications must be addressed to the Performing Arts Fund NL. Dutch Performing Arts is a promotional programme, which doesn't grant subsidies.

Which genres or disciplines does Dutch Performing Arts promote?

Dutch Performing Arts promotes all professional performing arts, with the exception of pop music. So that includes dance, music, music theatre, theatre, and all cross-overs. The international promotion of pop music (including dance and urban) is delegated to Popcoalitie.

In which countries does Dutch Performing Arts conduct promotional activities?

Dutch Performing Arts concentrates on the focus countries identified in the International Cultural Policy of the Netherlands in general, but on the neighbouring countries (Germany, France, Belgium and the United Kingdom) in particular. Exceptions are made for certain disciplines with a view to opportunities to expand the market or to access prestigious markets.

What is the difference between Dutch Performing Arts and DutchCulture?

DutchCulture is the centre for international cultural cooperation. Their activities are cross-sectoral and cover the arts, creative industries and shared cultural heritage. Among other things, DutchCulture provides information on European grants and on artist-in-residence programmes throughout the world, organises work visits for Dutch embassies/consulates general and foreign experts, collects information on the export of Dutch culture, stimulates collaboration and coordinates cross-sectoral cultural programmes. The international promotion of specifically theatre, music and dance is the responsibility of Dutch Performing Arts. DutchCulture and Dutch Performing Arts collaborate closely on many projects.

How can I stay updated on your activities?

For updates regarding our activities, open calls by third parties and much more, see our newsletter, Facebook and Twitter.

Is your question not covered?

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