A programme by Performing Arts Fund NL to promote Dutch music, theatre and dance abroad.

Dutch Performing Arts promotes Dutch music, theatre and dance on the international stage. The programme is powered by the Performing Arts Fund NL.

Dutch Performing Arts aims to intensify the contact between Dutch makers and international presenters. In addition, Dutch Performing Arts seeks to increase the interest of international presenters for Dutch performing arts and to stimulate the international ambitions of Dutch companies and artists with global potential. To this end, Dutch Performing Arts organises showcases at key events at home and abroad and professionals' programmes for relevant international guests. Furthermore, Dutch Performing Arts travels abroad to represent the Netherlands on the spot and/or to do research.


If your organisation has received a contribution from Dutch Performing Arts, you can put our logo on printed matter (programme flyers, brochures, etc.), on websites or email newsletters, or at the performance venue (during premieres etc.). If you have questions about how to use the logo, please contact our communications department: communicatie@fondspodiumkunsten.nl.

If you receive a contribution for a professionals' programme, you should also put the logo of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands on your publications. For more information, please contact our communications department: communicatie@fondspodiumkunsten.nl.


You can use the following caption alongside the logo:

Dit project (of naam project) is (mede) mogelijk gemaakt door Dutch Performing Arts, een programma van het Fonds Podiumkunsten.

This project (or name of the project) is supported by Dutch Performing Arts, a programme of the Performing Arts Fund NL.


Performing Arts Fund NL
Dutch Performing Arts is a programme of the Performing Arts Fund NL. The Performing Arts Fund NL is the most important culture fund for music, music theatre, dance and theatre in the Netherlands and provides support on behalf of the government to every form of the professional performing arts.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
In foreign countries we often work together with the Dutch embassy or consulate. Also our international visitors programme is financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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